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Leahurst Nurseries

Back in 2000 Lyndon needed to find a new home for his tree fern importation business. His search led to Leahurst Nurseries, a traditional growing nursery in Arkley, North London; which is where he now cultivates a wide, somewhat eclectic, selection of plants; ranging from tree ferns to tender succulents, from hardy perennials to a miscellany of shrubs and trees.

Tree ferns / Ground ferns

Lyndon is an expert in the planting and maintaining of tree ferns, knowledge acquired through years of experience with importing and planting tree ferns of various species. The nursery maintains a considerable stock of trunked ferns of a variety of heights. While most of the tree ferns held are Dicksonia Antarctica, other more tender Dicksonia and Cyathea species are held in smaller numbers.

The nursery also holds a varied selection of hardy and tender ground ferns, from Polystichum and Dryopteris to Davallias and Phlebodiums.

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Tender / Exotic plants

Having a glasshouse kept frost free to protect his tender tree ferns over winter, Lyndon grows a range of tender / exotic plants – from the fabulous Pelargonium ‘Lord Bute’, and many scented leaf varieties of pelargoniums, to a range of Plectranthus, tender ferns, tender bulbs and succulents such as aeoniums and aloes.

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Perennials, Bulbs and Shrubs

As a landscaper and a plant enthusiast, Lyndon found it impossible not to start growing a diverse range of hardy perennial plants. From Artemisia and Agapanthus, to a range of umbellifers and the odd Veronica and Veronicastrum, the nursery houses a great variety of plants – both useful old favourites and the new or unusual.

As a believer that good trees and shrubs should never go to waste, Lyndon has accumulated through landscaping work an assortment of specimens - many of character. All are open to rehoming!

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Plant availability / Access to the nursery.

Access to the nursery for visitors is by appointment only - if you would like to visit please send us an email or give us a call. If you would like to purchase plants please feel free to get in contact by email. Nursery plants are also available from Lyndon’s stall at Columbia Road Market on Sundays from the beginning of March to the end of November. We supply plants to a number of jobbing gardener and landscapers so if you are in the trade – please drop us a line!

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