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Over in Ireland on the ring of Kerry.

Kerry coastal view

After a very long drive to Pembroke, a ferry trip to Rosslare, and another long drive across the south of Ireland, we are finally over on the ring of Kerry, ready to replant a lorry load of tree ferns!

We were expecting wind and rain, but so far we have struck lucky - the sun is out and the scenery is magnificent.



Landscaping job down in Clerkenwell - hoping the weather holds.

Landscaping job in Clerkenwell

Summer last year we started phase one of a job down on an exciting new building down off Clerkenwell Square. 

Phase one was the roof garden. We are now back to complete phase two of the job hopefully over the next few weeks on the courtyard next to the building, which will have some really big Osmanthus fortunei and lots of domes of Pittosporum and hebe.

However there is a great deal of clearing and construction work to be done before the plants go in.  Lets hope the weather is reasonably kind!


Interesting job coming up - moving tree ferns to Ireland.

Tree ferns in Camberwell

One of our longest and most enthusiastic customers for tree ferns has recently decided that the time has come to quit London and retire to Ireland.

Having built up a most amazing tree fern garden in Camberwell, he is unsurprisingly reluctant to leave his collection behind, so has asked us to help him ship them all the way to south west Ireland and then replant them.

We will be sorry to see Patrick leave - however his new project sounds really exciting and we are definitely looking forward to hearing how things develop.  I'm sure he produce the most amazing garden over in Kerry.


Installing a bespoke Georgian style trellis and bench.

Georgian style trellis and bench

After the festive season work is starting to pick up again.

One of the jobs we have just completed for one of our central London clients is the installation of a rather impressive bespoke Georgian style trellis screen and bench, as a focal point for a courtyard.

The planting is designed to give it a country house feel.  In due course we will hopefully get some suitably glamorous climbers on it!

It is always an exciting challenge doing high end bespoke work. Working through the practicalities to ensure a great result is very rewarding.



Midwinter cold still very much with us.

Frozen ground

The new year has started but the midwinter cold is still very much with us.

The ground is frozen solid so any ideas of doing a bit of digging need to be put on hold for a few days!



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