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Geranium psilostemon - glorious eye-searing magenta!

Geranium psilostemon in flower

Having preached the virtues of foliage, I wouldn't want to leave the impression that I don't enjoy a good hit of colour, especially at this time of year.

You can't really get a flower of more intense colour than Geranium psilostemon, the Armenian cranesbill.  With its combination of magenta and black, it is certainly a plant that requires suitable consideration when placing it in a planting scheme.  However, suitably sited, it is a wonderfully bold and joyous character in the garden, combining both a flamboyant display and considerable vigour!



Summer in the countryside

Field of tall grass and buttercups in bloom

Getting out of the nursery at this time of year is always a pleasant break from the watering and the potting up.  The countryside produces its own spectacular floral displays - passed this field on a fine summer's day and couldn't resist taking a photo - while buttercups are thankfully still common, unlike many of our wild flowers - they can still produce the most wonderful display in among the tall grass.



Propagation work continues

Plants in a propagator frame

Despite it being a hot day under glass, the work of propagating and potting up plants continues.  Having sown a variety of new types of seed during the spring we now need to make sure plants are potted up and kept developing.

One of today's subjects on the potting bench was Maurandya 'Red Dragon' - an interesting climber / scrambler sometimes called a snapdragon vine.  It looks great in the pictures in the seed catalogues - I look forward to see it flowering in our glasshouse.



Bomarea - the climbing Alstroemerias

Bomarea edulis in flower

Over the last few years we have had a large tub of Bomarea edulis growing the warm glasshouse, and every summer it has produced a series of spectacularly exotic flower heads up in the roof framework.

Bomareas are members of Alstroemeria family and when you look closely at the flowers you can easily see a family resemblance to the more commonly grown Peruvian lilies.  Both are also produce tubers underground, and in the winter Bomarea retreats down from the roof and back underground!


Truly Lemon Scented Pelargonium.

Pelargonium 'Mabel Grey'

On the subject of scent - whenever I go anywhere near the scented leaf pelargoniums, I can't resist rubbing my fingers on the leaves of Pelargonium 'Mabel Grey.

This has the most amazing lemon scent - rather like a candied lemon - which is quite addictive.  It also has elegantly cut foliage and an attractive pink flower.  


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