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Rosa 'Canary Bird' - a real old favourite.

Rosa 'Canary Bird'

One of the earliest roses to come into flower is a real old favourite of mine - Rosa 'Canary Bird' - a soft yellow single rose with a very delicate ferny foliage.

While it isn't perfumed, it has the simple, elegant charm of the simple, single rose. Always a pleasure at this time of year.



Hostas looking really good - before the slugs and snails get to them!

Emerging hosta foliage

This year our hostas have been coming up looking particularly good - and so far pretty unblemished by the nemesis of the Hosta - slugs and snails.

I suspect this might have something to do with the very dry weather we have had for the last couple of months which cannot be to the liking of the aformentioned molluscs.

Not that we couldn't do with a couple of solid weeks of heavy rain.  If there isn't some rain soon we are potentially going to have serious problems later in the year -  assuming we don't get the usual British washout of a summer!



Simply joyous in the Spring sunshine!

Flowers of Tulip 'Princes Irene Parrot'

On a very similar vein to my last entry - what about these for sheer exuberance - Tulip 'Princess Irene Parrot' - rich orange, purple flaming and feathered edges - amazing in some sunshine on a Spring afternoon!



Intense colours of Spring

Ornamental crab apple in flower

A couple of posts ago I made some comments about the joys of strong spring colours.  In a garden I visited a couple of days back I saw this ornamental crab apple in full bloom which has the most eye catching rich deep pink blossom, in combination with deep reddish bronze foliage.

The effect was quite stunning - something which was greatly aided by it being next to the fresh greens of neighbouring trees and their new leaves. Definitely a tree that needs appropriate neighbours!



Putting out plants now that Spring is well underway.

Herbaceous plants outside on a nursery bed.

This year at the nursery we are adding more outside growing space to help grow our range of herbaceous perennials.  So now that Spring growth is gathering pace we are in the process of rounding up perennials from around the nursery and putting them out in the new growing areas.  

Attempts are being made to keep them in alphabetical order however I'm not sure that will last the summer as things get moved about.  However as these new growing areas have better all round light I'm sure the plants will appreciate their new temporary home.



Brunnera - better value than forget-me-nots?

Brunnera 'Jack Frost' in flower

When I take pots of Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' to market, I often get asked by customers whether they are 'Forget-me-Nots' as they see the sky blue flowers which are very similar in form - an easy mistake to make.

I would argue that Brunnera 'Jack Frost' is a far better value plant than a Mysotis or Forget-me-not as it has the attractive blue flowers in Spring, but also very useful and decorative foliage which comes up as it is flowering, and continues until the end of the year.  You could easily argue that B. 'Jack Frost' is primarily grown for its silver patterned leaves rather than its flowers.  The leaves of Mysotis are far less worthy of attention.



The joy of Spring bulbs!

April tulips in flower

Spring is undoubtedly a time when displays of colour - even of a bright, strong hue are undoubtedly welcome.

Tulips fall very much into this category.  Many are very showy and bright - and later in the year would be seen as loud and clashing.  However in the spring sunshine heralding the return of warmer and brighter days - they are very welcome in even the most tastefully planted gardens!



Elephant's Ears - Bergenia

Flowers of Bergenia 'Bressingham White'

During a recent break from the endless spring nursery work, I stopped to admire this clump of Bergenia 'Bressingham White' which was flowering most impressively in the spring sunshine.

Bergenias or 'Elephant's Ears are a most useful plant, with its tough but decorative foliage, often having really good winter colour, followed by a fine spring flowering display of pink or white flowers.  It has the added bonus of being a really tough, easygoing plant which doesn't mind sometimes less than ideal growing conditions.



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