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Spider's web providing its own festive decoration.

Frosted spider's web on ivy

Another seasonal festoon courtesy of nature - frosted spider web on ivy!



Frosted Bay at Christmas!

Frost on Bay leaves

While we haven't had snow this Christmas, there have been some great clear frosty days instead - something I far prefer.

Wishing all our customers and friends a happy and peaceful festive season!



Even ground cover can provide winter delights!

Frosted groundcover

Under hard frost even a patch of tough old ground cover plants, in this case Alpine strawberry (F. vesca), Cyclamen hederifolium and Waldsteinia ternata produce the most subtle yet wonderful patterns.



Frost makes the winter garden glamorous

Miscanthus heads in frost and fog

On a frosty and foggy winter's day recently I got to revisit a stand of Miscanthus s. 'Malepartus' that I had seen a month earlier. The seedheads, thick with frost, were quite magical.

Even the most mundane elements of the winter garden are made glamorous by frost - it accentuates form and pattern.  If you are properly attired against the cold - it is a real treat.



The joy of the winter skyline.

Willow trees against the winter sun

As the cold weather has now brought down most tree leaves, the winter skyline is now all about the structure of trees.

During a winter walk I took this photo which shows old apple trees and willows, heavy with mistletoe.  Quite as impressive as anything summer can provide.


Daphne - Winter's perfume.

Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance' in flower

Winter is now most definitely here as the cold weather has brought most things to a stop.

However the pleasures of the garden are far from over.  I'm not sure whether this Daphne transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' is flowering late or early as they generally flower both in autumn and spring, however its bloom and fragrance are very welcome.  There is little to beat the fragrance of a Daphne on a still a still day when there is little else in bloom.



Grasses looking good in winter

Blue-green grass in Winter

Another grass picture I'm afraid - but I hope you will agree the combination of blues and browns is really striking.

I saw this in a garden and wasn't able to get a definitive identification but I suspect it is Blue Oat Grass - Helictotrichon sempervirens.



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