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Colourful decay

Hosta foliage dying back.

Continuing the theme of autumn colour - I took this photo of some of our hostas, which are now in the middle of dying back for the year.

As a study in rich gold tones - this shows how dramatic the simply process of losing foliage can be.  One of the reasons that autumn is such a special time in the garden.



Signs of the impending return of cold weather

Wisteria leaves turning golden.

Although so far things have been relatively mild, there are signs that the seasons are moving on.  

A large potted Wisteria up at the nursery has obviously decided that winter is on the way as its leaves have gone a fantastic gold colour prior to the autumn drop.  In terms of simple richness of colour - you really couldn't ask for more.

When the first true hard frost of the autumn / winter arrives, the Wisterias will rapidly shed all their leaves.



Salvia 'Black and Blue' finally getting round to flowering

Salvia 'Black and Blue' in flower

Salvia flowering times over the last couple of years have been somewhat difficult to predict.

Last winter I had Salvia 'Black and Blue' in flower in January as the lack of any cold weather allowed it to continue unhindered into early Spring when Winter arrived late to finally bring its run to an end.

This autumn I have S. 'Black and Blue' finally coming back into flower - we will have to see when it finally stops flowering this time!


Pelargonium sidoides cuttings also doing well!

Cuttings of Pelargonium sidoides

One of the batches of Pelargoniums I am really excited to see doing well is that of P. sidoides - that fabulous magenta flowered species.

With its amazing flowers and fine scalloped blue-green leaves it will definitely sell well at market.  The only problem so far has been getting enough cutting material!




Pelargonium 'Lord Bute' cuttings underway

Pelargonium 'Lord Bute' cuttings

As mentioned in my previous post we are doing a pelargonium cutting run - including what will hopefully be a successful run on P. 'Lord Bute'. 

Whenever you take cuttings at this time of year - you cross your fingers and hope for fine clear weather as overcast, damp conditions tend to result in an onslaught of botrytis - the great killer of pelargonium cuttings!  Let's hope this autumn the weather is kind.



Scented pelargoniums enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Scented Pelargoniums in the autumn sunshine

Under glass the pelargoniums are enjoying the autumn sunshine and are still rich in their aromatic oils.

I'm always amazed by the range and complexity of the scents they produce.  We will be starting a final round of cuttings over the next few days.  By sorting out the pelargoniums at this stage in the year we can minimise the dangers of botrytis getting into the plants.




Apple crop ready to pick!

Ripening apples

 There is always something deeply satisfying about picking your own apples.  They always taste wonderful straight off the tree - especially the early crop.

Recently have enjoyed picking some of the last of our crop of Discovery - has produced some spectacularly red fruit from late summer onwards - one to eat fresh but well worth the picking!



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