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Life as a nurseryman & landscaper is always busy…

Woodwardia radicans flourishing.

Woodwardia radicans

Another plant is was exciting to see growing effectively wild in Ireland was the giant chain fern, Woodwardia Radicans.

While this grows in protected London gardens, where it gets enough moisture and humidity, it is far happier and grows to truly impressive size in damp coastal Kerry.  The fronds can happily reach six foot in length and cascade down banks, which looks really impressive.  It seems to propagate both by bulbils from the tips of the fronds, and also by spores.


Chilean Myrtle - Luma apiculata

Chilean myrtle - Luma apiculata

Another plant that very much caught my attention while over on the Kerry Coast was the Chilean Myrtle, Luma apiculata.

This beautiful shrub / tree seemed to be happily self seeding and growing nearly wild.  It clearly seems very happy in these mild wet conditions.

The specimens I saw have developed the most fantastic rich cinnamon coloured bark, which combined with fine structure and good foliage makes them stunning specimen trees.



Seedling Dicksonia antarctica - genuine home grown tree ferns!

Baby tree ferns in Ireland

Having just got back from Ireland I'm still just amazed by the garden we have just been working in.

While I was aware that over on the Atlantic coast of Ireland Dicksonia antarctica was now successfully sporing and spreading, it was great to see it in the flesh.

Having introduced a range of other tree fern species to this garden, including Cyathea medullaris, C. cooperi and C. dealbata, I'm definitely excited to see whether they too are able to start establishing.



Giant gunnera ready to wake.

Giant crowns of Gunnera

Gunnera manicata has run wild here in the mild, damp conditions.  While it is still too cold for growth to properly get going there are already signs of the new leaves developing.

Some of these Gunnera crowns are 2-3 foot high.  This makes the average attempt to grow this in the garden look a little bit feeble!


Most amazing Lichen growth!

Lichen on tree

A spectacular feature of this coastal garden is the lichens that coat many of the trees. At times it feel like being in the cloud forest.

I understand from those who know the garden well that it has a truly amazing diversity of lichens that have astonished experts.  From observing with an untutored eye, that doesn't surprise me! 



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